The preserved flower has a shelf life of up to six years and it retains its original shape and aesthetic feel. Seasonal flowers made it available throughout the year. This flower was able to use where there is no permission for the natural flower for example Hospitals, Pediatric wards, waiting rooms, Places without natural light, Dry places, and the place where natural flowers were not allowed due to the pollen allergy.

100% Eco friendly.​

Due to the fact that preserved flower has a more long shelf life and low energy transport and storage, preserved flowers have a carbon footprint significantly lower than for both fresh-cut and artificial flowers.



Seasonal flowers that are available in a particular period in the year make them available throughout the year.

Uniform high-quality flowers.

All the flowers have the same quality because the preservation process applied among the flowers is exactly the same .

                                                More economical.​


Preserved flowers are more economical, as it replaces the many natural flowers for the year by the one preserved flower.


Commercial flowers

Commercial flower is the one which are available daily in the market.

Seasonal flowers

Seasonal flowers which are available at particular period or time of  the year are made available through our preservation technology throughout the year.