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Products and Services. 

Roses with various color.
We are capable of producing and delivering the roses of costumer's interest color. 

Wedding Bouquet.

wedding bouquet take special place in the women's life, but after some days flowers can't retain their color and astheticness, we are providing the preserved flower wedding bouquets.

Flowers for Gift.


Our team is well versed in gift designing with a international standard and able to deliver with in the stipulated time.

Flower Petals.

Flowers petals used in many places such as decorating the bed, Ayurveda therapy etc we providing the 100% natural, sun dried petals.

Flowers for Interior Design.


A special and very unique flowers are needed to design the interior , we have  many range of flowers which is exclusively used for the interior designing of home.

Edible Flower* to Garnish Food.

In order to decorating the food items, flower are needed but this flower are not able to consume because of many reason, we are providing the edible petals for garnishing food items and we can consume this petals as well.

*Pipeline product.

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