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GREAT DISPALY PIECE: Shelf life of rose is one year it is best suited for front office, waiting room or any corporate places, A perfect investment to not use plastic flowers or buy fresh once every 5-7 days.

CAREFREE: No need for any redesign or rearrangement of roses, floral box are designed & roses are attached in such a way that it perfectly fet to any kind of place.

PHOTOSHOOT: A perfect roses for photoshoot for social media post, product promotion and lifestyle photography.

SURPRISE GIFT : It was simply a good surprise for anyone since people usually not expecting this kind of flowers.

UNUSED/INACCESSIBLE SPACE: Roses does not require any kind of maintence such as sunlight, water or nutrient, this is best suited for unused/inaccessible space in the home.

Black natural immortal longlasting everlasting eternal black roses

    • DO NOT water your rose or allow it to get wet for any reason.
    • DO NOT expose it to direct sunlight or other strong light.
    • DO store and display roses at room temperature and normal humidity.
    • DO dust off by lightly blowing cold air with a hairdryer.
    • DO avoid directly touching your rose for any reason.